How exchanges can embed sustainability within their operations: a blueprint to advance action

Author: UNCTAD Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative / World Federation of Exchanges

Year Published: 2019

The WFE Sustainability Principles, launched in 2018, constitute a formal declaration by the WFE and its membership to take a leadership role in promoting the sustainable finance agenda. The five principles provide a baseline to support the evolution of WFE members’ engagement with sustainability, covering aspects such as product development and stakeholder engagement. Recognising that exchanges can magnify their impact through appropriate internal structures, Principle 5 requires that exchanges establish effective internal governance and operational processes and policies to support their sustainability efforts. The purpose of this guidance is to assist exchanges in translating Principle 5 into concrete actions. To that end, it provides a blueprint for embedding sustainability into exchange operations. The blueprint highlights four focus areas where exchanges can implement recommended practices and actions to ensure that sustainability becomes integrated across the business.