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The future for sustainable investment

UNCTAD World Investment Forum


Sustainable investment market

Capital markets that are aligned with sustainability can be instrumental in financing sustainable development. The past decade has witnessed a surge of sustainability themed financial products in variety, number and assets. UNCTAD estimates that funds dedicated to investment in sustainable development have reached $3.2 trillion today. However, most of these funds are invested in developed countries (e.g. in renewable energy).

Value of global sustainable equity funds, $ billions, 2020

Value of global green bond market, $ billions, 2020

Value of global social bond market, $ billions, 2020

Value of global mixed sustainability bond market, $ billions, 2020

Sustainability integration landscape

20 of the world’s largest public pension and sovereign wealth funds reported on ESG in 2019

Supporting governments and institutional investors to finance sustainable development

The SDG Investors Partnership supports governments and investors to identify sustainability risks, and mobilize finance to the sectors and markets that can create maximum sustainable development impact. We produce research and policy recommendations for governments and public institutional investors across the globe, with a primary focus on sustainable development in developing country regions. 

Global partnership

The SDG Investors Partnership is open to all institutional investors, including pension and sovereign wealth funds, asset managers, banks, insurance companies, and other stakeholders

Data and research

The SDG Investors Partnership, working with its data partners, publishes the latest trends, policy and regulatory analysis affecting institutional investors and sustainable development


To facilitate networking, disseminate best practice, and promote investment in sustainable sectors and developing country markets, the SDG Investors Partnership organises global events for institutional investors and other stakeholders